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B. Pharma Medical Exams Books, Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Pharmacy education. The students those are interested in the medical field (except to become a doctor) can choose this course after the completion of class 12th (PCM/B). After the completion of this degree, the students can practice as a Pharmacist. Pharmacists can work in a range of industries related to the prescription, manufacture & provision of medicines.

B Pharmacy is a career oriented course which mainly focuses on teaching students about the fundamentals and key details of medicines, drugs, their management and functionality. It is mainly pursued by those willing to open their medical stores or looking for research opportunities.

Table of Contents
  1. B.Pharmacy Quick Facts
  2. B.Pharmacy subjects

2.1 B.Pharmacy theory subjects

2.2 B.Pharmacy Labs

2.3 B.Pharmacy workshop

  1. B.Pharmacy Books

Major B Pharmacy subjects which students need to study in almost every college include Pharmaceutics, Inorganic Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Human Anatomy. Some of the top B Pharmacy colleges in India also cover other important subjects like:

B.Pharmacy Quick facts

Some of the most crucial points about B.Pharmacy course are,

  • Important subjects: Mathematics, Computer Applications, Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Important Books: Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Practical Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Computer Applications
  • Industrial Management
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing


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