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Educart Publication Books Today, we are the fastest growing brand in CBSE in terms of sales, 5* reviews of students and number of new books launched in CBSE Class 10 and 12 every year. Last year, we launched a new type of book called ‘Final Revision Of All Subjects’ that was instantly a hit amongst teachers and students pan-india for CBSE Class 10. 

We are one of the oldest publishing houses in India (going back to 1942, so we know how a quality book with minimal errors and as per the CBSE guidelines is made. Most importantly, we know how to continuously listen to teachers and students to continually improve every single day.

We now cover every year of the student learning cycle, from Kindergarten to Class 12 (and even further at competition/entrance exams level). More than 42 lac students and 1.5 lac teachers use Educart books every single day. This is a huge milestone that we have achieved and is the driving fuel for every daily work.

Specially in CBSE Class 10 and 12 segment, we are already the most preferred publisher of choice for our Sample Papers. This year in 2021, we have re-launched our Question Banks for 2021-22 with a big challenge at hand, to truly provide India’s first complete self-prep CBSE Book (a.k.a reference book) for each subject, that not only covers every possible important question ever asked in the past 10 years but also comprehensive theory and a unique concept of blended learning within each Chapter. We continue to innovate and provide good results and outcomes.

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