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IAS Prep Combo - Post Independence India + Modern Indian History Product Bundle TMH 2020

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IAS Prep Combo - Post Independence India + Modern Indian History Product Bundle TMH 2020
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IAS Prep Combo - Post Independence India + Modern Indian History Product Bundle TMH 2020

Post Independence India: For Civil Services Examinations
With UPSC’s increasing focus on this aspect of Indian history, this book brings with it examination centric yet comprehensive content on Post independence Indian. The book focuses on portions important for the examination offering a precise yet immensely useful aid to prepare for the UPSC and state Services examinations. The presentation is simple and student friendly and the chapters are arranged in a deeply chronological and story-like manner to make for an interesting reading and easy retention.
Key Features:
1. Exam-centric book for Prelim, Main and Interview
2. Holistic approach
3. Balance between Facts and Analysis
4. Multi-dimensional analysis
5. Well organized and structured material
6. Learner-friendly presentation

Modern Indian History: For Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations
Meant for civil services aspirants, this book covers the Modern Indian History portion of the syllabus (Preliminary and Main). the book is meant to be an all-inclusive text covering not just the target syllabus comprehensively but also facts for the preliminary exam, all under one roof. the book also provides comprehensive in depth analysis for the Main Examination. Previous Years’ as well as Practice Questions have been provided to give the aspirants a sense of direction and focus during the course of their study. the book thus comes as a solution for the aspirants who continue to struggle for complete and examination centric content in a single source for a wide ranging subject like Modern Indian History.
Key Features:
1. Meant for UPSC as well as State Services Exam
2. Chronological narrative to help readers understand the development of historical events.
3. the only book with a primer on Post Independence India
4. Multi-dimensional coverage and analysis
5. Modern Indian History is divided into 7 Units namely-
i. Unit1- Mid-18th Century India
ii. Unit2-British Expansion and Consolidation in India (1767-1857)
iii. Unit3-Changes and Impact (Mid-18th to Mid-19th Century)
iv. Unit 4-Popular Uprisings and Revolts
v. Unit5- Socio-Religious Reform Movements
vi. Unit6- Indian National Movement-Part 1 (Emergence of Organized Nationalism)
vii. Unit 7-Indian National Movement-Part 2 (Towards Freedom)
6. Previous Years’ Questions (Preliminary and Main)
7. Practice Question (Preliminary and Main).

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